Medieval 2 – Heroic Victory

Yesterday I have the most amazing victory in this game: My army 171 X Enemy: 751. So I lost only 79 against 666 of the enemy army. I now worship my horses :D.

Here how I did that:

My army:

Just Horses, 80 Mailed and 41 Sargeants (I need to verify the names)

Enemy’s army:

3 units of archers

3 units of infrantary

3 units of spearmans, these could send to hell my horses in a few seconds

The Battle:

The enemy started to send they arches in the front, so I send my horses to trample them. Soon the horses put the archers to flee, and I send my horses to take down every archers fleeing, watching to get away from the spearmans. After killing every single archer, I try to get down the infrantary. I had to split them out of the spearmans, so I send one unit to atack some soldiers and flee, while the other two, distract the spearmans. In this way I killed the other two militia. Now it’s time to attack the spearmans, they was already scared, so on the first attack they start to run and I just send the other unit to kill them all, same way for the another two units.

Amazing fight, heroic victory! \o/

Heroic Victory


2 comentários sobre “Medieval 2 – Heroic Victory

  1. At least you know the true power of cavalry in this game, I discovered it early on and now I have an army of horseman with at least silver experience on each unit, cavalry are too good in this game, an army of horsemen destroy everything, especially Milan who make loads of archer units

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